PRC Homes UK

PRC Homes XL Ltd is a leading company dealing with properties of non-traditional construction such as pre-cast reinforced concrete (PRC), as an organisation we are in the enviable position of having an enormous amount of experience and directly relevant qualifications. This enables us to provide an all-encompassing service to our customers when it comes to either purchasing and/or repairing defective housing.

We have been at the forefront of the non-traditional construction industry and setting the standards for over twenty years, building close working relationships with the largest housing organisations and Mortgage Lenders in the UK.

PRC Homes XL Ltd are proud to be able to offer professional advice and support throughout the entire process from application to purchase, with the Local Authority, arranging funding for purchase and/or repair and organising and overseeing the repair itself.

Any customer experience with us will be personal, professional and complete whether as an individual or as part of an investment portfolio of PRC Homes.

To obtain a PRC Certificate of repair for your home/investment you will require the signature of a fully qualified and insured Structural Engineer; PRC Homes XL Ltd only ever use fully qualified and insured Structural Engineers to deal with their PRC Certification, ensuring peace of mind for all our customers and complete confidence for the Lender.

The repair itself depends on the classification of your PRC Home, each variation of concrete construction requires a specific level of repair and this will affect the owners/occupiers in a variety of ways. Having dealt with several hundred of these properties from start to finish we are able to give a clear indication of the time frame involved and any complications that may occur.

PRC Certification has never been more stringent with the difficulties that already surround the Mortgage Lending industry, we here at PRC pride ourselves on our track record of professional relationships, that enable us to help our clients cut through the red tape and enjoy the many benefits of owning their own property.

With many organisations not following procedures correctly, it has become an ever increasing role for PRC Homes UK to be asked to re-certify and repair PRC Houses that have not been repaired properly or not been certified by a fully qualified Structural Engineer with PRC Housing experience. If either of those issues is not dealt with correctly then Certification can become irrelevant and in some cases the financial loss can be enormous.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your repair, please Contact Us.